Friday, 8 December 2017

Receding memory

Vanished, now no more
The night passes silently
Shadows have receded

No more faint whispers
Thoughts submerged to
Depths of subconscious

Lost in a wild dream
I can sense presence
Diffusing to the air

Vanished, yes no more
Somethings survives
In the negative space

Monday, 16 October 2017


Birthdays are the time
To celebrate for most
But it always makes me
Question about myself

Where has my journey
Taken me so far as now
Is there really any gain
Other than my weight

I nevertheless consumed
Copius bit of resources
How much have I so far
Contributed back around

Such thoughts make me
Feel awry and so haywire
Was there a point for me
To ever to be even born

There's not a relationship
That I have fully fulfilled
Be it my parents, friends
Teachers, boss or spouse

In spite the poor record
I have built bit stability
Where I can sit ponder
Not bothered with needs

That is what is positive
Gives hope to overcome
Ruthless grip of my ego
Once rediscover my soul


As our lives pass through
The fabric of space-time
Many a time we intersect
To meet and disperse soon

On such an intersection
It led me to just ponder
What became different
And what was same still

From a distance as I looked
It felt like another person
Is standing in front of me
It's rude to be trespassing

But it's more a sacrilege
To pass by without a 'hi'
Thus I gathered courage
As if to meet a new being

After few fumbled words
And a nervous half-smile
Our intersection got over
We partake a long adieu

But beyond intersections
Momentary passing by
Remains the impressions
Nurturing deep our souls

Saturday, 7 October 2017


These brief moments
Of sweet togetherness 
Are ever so precious

When even our breath
Merges and the lines
Between are blurred

Love brings divinity
And unfound grace
To our lives on earth

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Thought I'd write you a letter
But I know not your address
And I'm lost for words to write
This wasn't how it always was

Maybe I could give you a call
But I'm really not quite sure
If I'll be able to answer you
When you reply with 'Hello!'

Your number might've changed
Someone else might pick up call
And I'd be just so dumbfounded
Like when we met the first time

Should I rather write a novel
But our story lacks substance
And the ending so incomplete
It'd not do justice to emotions

So I'm stuck with my silence
It's definitely a better stance
And like abandoned lost ruins
Nature slowly enclaves within

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Thirty years

More than thirty years have passed
I passed my childhood and my youth
But where have I reached so far now?

I passed the competition in education
I survived my youthful desires and trials
I built a home and means of livelihood

But what is it that I have really achieved?
I can stand on my feet in a hostile world
Yet that's what anybody with wits can do

In the struggle to survive, I lost my dreams
My ethics are no longer clean and as pure
And in my dreams, I try to find my essence

I'm a boat which survived turbulent waters
Now I'm confused when I reached a calm sea
I see my reflection on water as I drift within

Saturday, 22 April 2017


There's nothing I have to say
Nothing to add to the moment
Busy I ever was trying to hold
What I mistook to be just mine

That all there ever was true
Slipped away and I became
A ghost of what I really am
Empty vessel sounds much

Now there's nothing to say
As I slowly let the silence fill
What I so missed and craved
Everything now falls in place