Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Turning thirty

I turned thirty a while back
Looked back on the journey
All that lead to where I am

I truly have been very lucky
To have experienced all I did
Chase my dreams, fall in love

Not that I made much of it
I was never a great success
But loss teaches us so much

Now the tides are reversing
I have to swim backwards
To stay afloat even in flux

Monday, 25 January 2016


If we would stop pretending
For few moments a little bit
We'll all agree to one thing

The world is just a market
We are all out for best deal
It's cut-throat to state least

It's salesmen and bargainers
Who reach top society's cream
Romanticists feed from dreams

And here lies the greatest irony
Base reason for any transaction
Is the search for some fulfillment

That's what material can't fulfill
Comfort and excitement may be
But fulfillment comes from within

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Trail of flowers

I guess we were meant to part
Thousands of miles separate us

But I left behind a trail of flowers
For you to follow, to ever find me

Every one of my poems a blossom
Crossing distance between hearts

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Washed ashore

I was washed ashore
On a calm quiet beach
In an unknown island

Gulped a lot of seawater
I coughed to catch breath
My memories were vague

Got shipwrecked midway
Can't recall how I made it
Alive from all the wreck

The new island promises
Hope for my sustenance
There's much to explore

Nothing of my old travels
Remain but untrue stories
Now's time to begin afresh

Saturday, 16 January 2016


I wished to speak my mind
Break boundaries doing so
But the mind is the barrier
Greatest one there ever is

But then how to transcend
Mind's futile endeavours
Escape maze of thoughts
Find the source of origin

Unbound and truly free
Without any distinction
Everything everywhere
All ever encompassing

I wished to speak my mind
It was my point of poetry
But words form barriers
Silence can say all there is

Friday, 15 January 2016


The pressure cooker blows its whistle
Breaking silence of a quiet day alone
Lazy weekend best woken post noon
In a messy room which feels so home

Away from the piling office workload
Few moments of bliss to be on my own
Free from a world of disappointments
Cooking a mushy meal to barely suffice 

The cooker off the flame hisses quietly
Open window displays a tireless road
The afternoon evokes such bliss within
I wish this time could stretch evermore

Friday, 8 January 2016

Face to face

I'm face to face with my life
Questioning myself deeply
A few weeks to my oblivion
Life is a sincere revelation

I realize I'm such a fool
I have achieved nothing
And the world is beyond
My futile grasp to hold

My nerves are bit shaky
Nights slightly dreamy
I see several flashbacks
Lost corners of memory

The day I sat on the beach
Waves roaring as I held
Tiny seashells lost in sand
Riddled with many colors

And this vision tells much
About my past, present
And my upcoming future
Which now slowly unfolds

Roaring sea of uncertainty
Will always be threatening
But will still wash seashells
For us to cherish and keep