Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A drop

A drop dripped down me
Was it a tear, was it sweat?

Barely I knew what it was
But it lead me to the ocean

After all every tiny drip seeks 
To reach its ultimate source

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Something else

It's not you, not me
It is something else
What is it I know not

It's here, it's all now
I guess that's what
May be that's just it

It's not you, not me
Not circumstances
It's all there ever is

It can't be touched
Immutable it's ever
I'm trying to feel it

It's not you, not me
It is something else
What is it I know not

It's here, it's all now
All I must strive to be
Before time turns out

Friday, 17 February 2017


Love is quite akin to water
Pure, eternal and elemental
Can't live a moment without

It's plain and simple to taste
Hence people flock for wine
Lust drips with intoxication

Else people add sugar to it
Formulating flavored drink
It attracts but doesn't fulfill

We forget it's water we need
It's evil not the pristine pure
Which needs hooks to entice

We have everyone falling ill
For substituting pure water
With its sleek counterparts

But when we do get thirsty
Only water can ever suffice
Bring health and well-being

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Moon and the Cloud

There was a solitary cloud
Adrift in the vast open sky
Who was aloof and bit lost
Drifting on it glanced above

And saw the majestic Moon
Shimmering pure radiance
Cloud got enamoured and
Tried to embrace the Moon

The Moon smiled and said
"Try to hold me if you can"
The cloud tried hard to jump
But couldn't reach the Moon

Finally frustrated the cloud
Drifted far away from there
And tried to forget the Moon
Time passed and it moved on

The cloud slowly gathered
Vapour to expand volume
And one day it was ready
To burst down as rainfall

It fell on parched brown soil
And water gathered to a pool
Cloud was now transformed
To a sparkling clear reservoir

The night came with the Moon
"Look I'm all in your arms now"
Said the Moon as it was reflected
Upon the surface of the reservoir