Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The wild flower - Part 1

They were not supposed to meet
A wild flower and a garden rose
But destiny thought it otherwise

Garden was close to wilderness
Among many other flowers grew
Red rose with many sharp thorns

She was fully aware of her grace
She was the queen of the garden
The hermit gave it the most care

The hermit lived in a wooden hut
With garden at the edge of forest
Made medicines with wild herbs

One spring after tremendous rainfall
Some new ferns and shrubs appeared
On the edge outside the garden fences

Freshly bathed and scented, the rose
First didn't even bother to outsiders
The vagabond plants were too lowly

Few days later upon the new plants
Came a sparkling white wild flower
Sun basking her petals, rose noticed

But of course the rose was too proud
To talk, she kept mum for quite long
The wild flower scanned the garden

Not used to formalities of the garden
He chatted with most garden flowers
Everyone felt that he was little crude

The wild flower - Part 2

Being from the wild, he had instincts
The wild flower could communicate
With birds, insects and trees around

He found the garden flowers shallow
They were not concerned beyond the
Garden where they all lived and died

The plants and creatures outside were
Considered lowly and not trustworthy
Even white wild flower was left alone

The wild flower soon turned towards
The forest and became good friends
With a visiting swallow bird nearby

He heard about the swallows tales
Crossing oceans, whales, mountains
But the swallow soon flew far away

Wild flower remained lost in thoughts
Painting vast landscapes in his mind
He had no company but was in bliss

One day early evening when flowers
Prepared for their long beauty sleep
Rose discreetly spoke to wild flower

'It was always my dream to fly
Soar the horizon, touch the clouds
The wind would lift all my petals'

'Amazing', the wild flower said to her
'But we are plants rooted to ground
The swallow said its beautiful above'

The wild flower - Part 3

And thus the rose and the wild flower
Mingled and talked irrelevant things
Like tigers, hedgehogs and wild frogs

The rose said she was totally fearless
Because of her thorns like sharp claws
'My leaves are webbed, I can also swim'

The wild flower was too much in awe
To make any contradictions to claims
Dazed he felt she could swim and claw

Weeks passed and they became so close
Much to every garden flowers' contempt
How could their prize value a vagabond?

But there was more coming on their way
The mighty King came hunting to forest 
While chasing deer he fell from his horse

His foot was badly bruised and broken
The soldiers knew of hermit's medicine
They carried the fallen king to the hut

It took three weeks for hermit treatment
Herbal ointments and boiled root paste
And the king was back on his feet again

Before leaving the king saw the garden
Impressed the king told the hermit that
He wanted the rose to gift his daughter

The hermit was taken aback and said
'I don't intend pluck any of my flowers
They wither to death soon there after

But since you are my guest of honor
I don't make promises, but shall see
If it's what is truly meant to be done'

The wild flower - Part 4

Thus word spread across the garden
The rose will be part of royal bouquet
She'll reach the princess in her tower

The flowers all ushered to the rose
Will they tie on her golden ribbons?
And be draped in a royal silk scarf

Even the rose felt truly honored
She had reached the peak of life
Her beauty will be royal legend

She grew anxious in happiness
For dawn of Princess's birthday
But the wild flower was unhappy

'The rich royal scum have no right
To uproot you from your ground
Stay back I'll defend you always!'

But the rose knew her time had come
She'll be uprooted and soon be killed
But have her final moments of glory

'Farewell my dear friend I'll miss you
You were only one to see behind the
Lavishness, I'll soon come to my end'

'No!' said the wild flower, 'We'll all
Rebel and never let you be grabbed'
But all flowers minded own business

And the night before princess b'day
The wild flower saw he was helpless
His dear will be taken and he'll see it

Though tormented and fighting within
That dawn when he closed eyes a wink
When his eyes opened, rose was stolen

The garden flowers forgot next moment
But wild flower planned to take revenge
Till he realized everything in life is futile

The wild flower - Part 5

With days wild flower grew restless
He wished to set out to search rose
But he was a plant and deep rooted

Maybe the swallow will return soon
I'll ask for a ride in her beak and fly
To find the royal bouquet with rose

But the swallow never came back
Slowly the shrubs became a mess
Wild flower was withering away

Then one day the hermit did notice
There were so many weeds outside
The garden now looked so clumsy

Next day the shrubs and weeds
Were all cleared, the wild flower
Was never ever heard of again

The garden flowers made a legend
That the wild flower went to temple
And became part of God's garland


'Cough! Cough!' wild flower sneezed
'Wohoooooo! Now I can fly!', rose said,
'It's cold here now just hold my hands!'

The rose and the wild flower sat adjacent
Two flower pots kept at princess's window
Up on top of the tower of the King's castle

The wise hermit gifted plants with roots
And with the wind the rose spread leaves
Holding together they touched the clouds

The End

Monday, 29 December 2014

Decided to speak

Here's an old poem I wrote months back...
One of my personal favourites!

Decided to speak

There was a tree
Near an old street
Sat and meditated
For years and years

Until one fine day
A kindly God arrived
Gave a boon to him
Ask anything, you'll get

The God promised 
To come next day
And grant whatever
The tree wished for

Tree started thinking
What did it really need?
Sunshine, rain and earth
It always got plenty

Flowers, fruits and leaves
Always produced in season
Playful squirrels and birds
Rested happily on branches

All through the night
The tree pondered
What was worth having
Suitable gift from God?

At dawn the cuckoo called
And the tree knew at once
What he really wanted
Decided he wanted to speak

He had never spoken before
Even when screaming inside
The rabbit when killed by a dog
Delicate sapling when trampled

With the first rays of Sun
The God arrived again
And asked if tree was sure
The Gift can't be returned

'Yes I am', said the tree
The apparition disappeared
'Haah! I can speak now'
Growled the proud tree

A milkman was passing
Early morning with milk
'Good morning! Regards
To your sacred white cow!'

The milkman in utter shock
Looked up at the branches
"Hey! Its me", added the tree
"Bhoot! Bhoot!" away he ran

Rumour spread like wildfire
And the street got deserted
"These cowardly humans!
But I like solitude", tree said

Two white pigeons were
Snuggling in their nest
Tree said, "It's so hot here!"
In fright pigeons flew away

"Not really my friends"
Said the tree to himself
Very soon every squirrel
Disappeared with the nuts

Even the seasonal woodpecker
Decided to bore other trees
"At least I'm spared the pain"
But it was bitter sarcasm

So everyone left, tree alone
Only a quiet butterfly came
Sat quietly on its branches
Always left every evening

The tree in the cacophony of
Birds, squirrels and humans
Had never noticed it before
Butterfly now the only one

She sat on his green leaves
Hopped between branches
Sometimes she napped and
Flew to flowers for nectar

With her the tree never felt
Any urge to ever speak out
There was nothing to say
The moments were complete

And months passed in bliss
The tree didn't once speak
Autumn had now passed
Winter slowly made its way

Flowers all disappeared
The starving butterfly
Gave a hug to the tree
And decided to fly away

The tree wished to say
A final goodbye to her
But emotions choked him
Words remained unsaid

Many years passed since
In quiet contemplation
The tree's growls were
Soon forgotten by all

The birds and squirrels
Returned back with joy
Even the milkman went
Chanting - 'Ram, Ram'

But the butterfly never
Came back even once
Everything became normal
The tree never spoke again


You then left
Too suddenly
From my life
Without trace

I wasn't even
Informed well
You moved on
Before I knew

It's fine actually
Was meant to be
Problem was the
Time lapse there

I was too quick
To make a move
You were faster
Leave and let go

Now that it ended
There's eternity of
Time between us
The tides can ebb

Sunday, 28 December 2014


When you confess
You love someone
Its more a promise
Than any statement

The promise of love
Is just commitment
I made my promise
But it wasn't backed

One can't clap with
Just one hand really
One-sided romance
Thus totally doomed

The higher climbed
Harder falling down
My doom was death
Somehow I survived

Coming from the dead
One's attitude changes
Life is too precious for
Anything not genuine

Hence its essential to
Reduce attachments
And find inner peace
Before it's all too late

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Someone pointed we lacked
Any spark to ignite romance
It got me angry not because
It might be wrong, actually
It might be completely true

That my feelings were selfish
Since I never cared what you
Felt for me in the first place
Friendly affection was only
What we shared between us

Whatever I did had agenda
To me you were a conquest
From a dear friend I became
Lots trouble, embarrassment
I pushed to point of no return

And strangely enough, all of it
Seems true, I've got no defense
Everything I'd felt or I did was
Completely wrong, and fading
Away is right thing to do now

Then do I plead guilty?
No absolutely I am not
Something in me says
My feelings were true
And my actions right

In the larger scheme of things
This is what was meant to be
The beautiful moments for me
To always cherish and life will
Go on and soon there'll be dawn

Thursday, 25 December 2014


I opened my guitar case
After months of neglect
The guitar was the same
Except mild coat of rust

Strings my fingers slid
Now didn't sound sharp
Guitar felt just the same
Except mild coat of rust

I composed a new song
As melancholy as I could
It still sounded the same
Except mild coat of rust

Its been eternity of silence
But now calmness prevails
I remained quite the same
Except a mild coat of rust

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I was finally able
To pack my bags
Reached station
Few hours early

The train is yet to
Come to platform
I barely managed
To find a seat here

Mumbai station is
Brimming crowd
The night before
I packed, cleaned 

Last I was leaving
Empty hostel room
Where I spend days
Gazing the window

Light of early dawn
Window lit the room
It'll be mine no more
Someone else to fill

You gave me a hasty
Goodbye, brought a
Charger I left at class
And a bronze elephant

Now at the station
Loudspeaker said
My train at platform
I tugged my rucksack

Was there anything
I was leaving behind
Only half of my heart
For you to keep safe

The whistle blows
The train moves
I take a last look
Adios my Mumbai

Sunday, 21 December 2014

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I've been
So insane and lost
When you were there
I got so overwhelmed
And when you had left
I kept ranting so much

I'm sorry but now
No matter how much
I try to grasp feelings
There's really not much
I can keep holding on
Except some moments

I'm sorry but its time
The waves must wash
Our footprints on sand
And nothing will remain
Somewhere far far away
Wish you find happiness


Actually it's quite hard
To be perfect anywhere
Even cooking a perfect
Omelet takes a lot care

People take so many years
To perfect one unique style
Years of toil to finally find
A career truly worthwhile

I too perfected something
Of becoming totally futile
The perfect gamma male
A self-sustaining agony

Grunge become thy name
Poetry of madness and loss
Dark humor none can match
Abstraction to escape reality

Like a star which didn't
Explode to a supernova
But sunk in within itself
A perfect dark black hole

Whenever there's perfection
There's scope for singularity
That way I'm quite fortunate
There's seed for a final unity

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Last night I met you
In my dream world
There you told me
How you met him
About your romance

How the initial
Affinity led more
Till you parted
But came back
Cycle continued

And now my world
Comes to a perfect
Circle of actions and
Their consequences
I’m free now from you

Freedom needs courage
I was happier warped in
Memories and daydreams
Maybe someday you might
Remember and come back

But that return can't be
Pleasant at all, It’ll mean
You’ve broken beyond
What I’ve had become
There’s no turning back

The pieces are slowly
Fitting together now
But the picture formed
Doesn’t have me at all
It’s your new romance

Time and space pushes
Me now to take a step
Beyond from the story
Reality doesn’t need me
Surreal now beckons

Friday, 19 December 2014


Wish I had written
All poetry on paper
Then I'd have set it
Ablaze, see it burn

Hundreds of pages
Fanned by the wind
Embers flying up
Ashes falling down

All lost and wiped
From face of earth
There'd be nothing
Left for me to grasp

And soul trapped
Within a rib cage
Would finally fly
And never return


Poetry is useless
Poetry is creepy
Mundane things
Made too weepy

Poetry is great
Wings to soul
Truth behold

Poetry is madness
Poetry calls death
Take things gone
All the heartbreak

Poetry is sublime
Poetry is abstract
Poetry is nothing
Poetry everything

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Nothing happened
I was only a bit lost
Regained my path
And found back life

There's no pollution
Earth has a disease
With million years
It'll be back normal

I met you again
After many years
I found inner power
You beautiful as ever

The ocean waves
Blue green forever
Your hand in mine
A beautiful zephyr

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lines behind lines

One might wonder 
Why I write like this
Contradictory ideas
And so vague notions

But my poetry is just me
It's all that's true in me
In my real life I'm lousy
I have sold myself totally

There's a job, but its a job
Parents are my parents
Friends are like friends
But that's all they are

Poetry is my commune
With my inner true self
Its my only meditation
And it's foggy reflection

Rest of me, most of me
Is feeble, vain, affected
I just live like I'm dead
Struggling for morsels

P.S. I love you

P.S. I love you
Though my english
Is actually quite bad
Many grammar/spelling
Mistakes I keep making

P.S. I love you
Though I always
Mess up everything
I eat too much
And I am so fat

P.S. I love you
Though I never ever
Finish work on time
I'll always remain

P.S. I love you
Though you never
Liked me and find
Comfort in someone
Else's eager arms

P.S. I love you
Though I know
I'm ugly and bad
And you'll never
Even look back

P.S. I love you
Though I'm crazy
There's no doubt
But it's also fine
I am what I am