Friday, 29 May 2015


I'm plotting a revolution
Of course by myself alone
It's unlikely I'll ever find
A partner in my crimes

So it'll be the greatest
Revolution world saw
Stoping all exploitation
Solve human condition

I lay it out on paper
Write long manifesto
Down with the smug
Bring heaven on earth

But hah! I'm kidding
World won't change
Entropy will remain
But only I can evolve

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Everyone I've ever known
Display their unique colour
And the closer I have been
More more they dyed me so

By now I'm just a big splash
Of random colours thrown
But the mix is grayish dark
That became my true colour

Monday, 25 May 2015

Eating Alone

Most people do hate the most
Thought of eating meals alone
At this I'm truly a veteran pro
More often than not I eat alone

For me it's been a compulsion
And also quite bare necessity
When hunger pangs hurts bit
And there's none around with

It's actually very enlightening
To see how matter easily wins
Over inner energy's firm will
When compelled by my hunger

And I need to break my vow
Of solitude and peace to find
Nutrition from outside world
Make a trade-off for survival

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Dubai mall boasts an aquarium
Hundreds of meters wide n tall
A selection of marine creatures
Fishes to sharks, big and small

Thick glass walls separate them
From enchanted crowd in queue
And it'd hard to tell who's really
Observing whom with more awe

But then isn't the air sealed mall
An aquarium for us humans too?
We built for ourselves an airlock
From abrasive desert sun's loom

And all around me at Dubai mall
Humans from every race and clan
In all ages, wearing every colour
The mall itself amazing cauldron

Aquarium dwellers fed on time
Predator, prey swimming along
Sharks disdain to attack any fish
So do rich and poor walk around

In a setting so gloriously surreal
That it's easy to spend a lifetime
Fooled by lust for all the sensual
While system earns a few dimes

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


It isn't just coincidence
Happened accidentally
It resolved deliberately

The glass was meant
To slip, get shattered
And the drink spilled

But thank heavens
The spill didn't ruin
Someone's fine garb

There was a mess
But it got cleaned
With calm dignity

I digressed limits
Now I'm set right
On track, destiny

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Rizwan went home smiling
Stroking his greying beard
Today there were Indians
Guests at his Dubai office

Four peculiar species
Arrived in white cab
Paid costly Dirhams
Keeping chests wide

They impressed his bosses
All Indians do work hard
Coming from such country
Where millions just starve

They uttered many jargons
Showed colourful mock ups
Spoke crystal clear English
Yet in Hindi joked amongst

Rizwan offered them lift
After a hard day's work
They seemed tired indeed
And Indians like Pakistanis

But he wasn't so sure
He spotted some envy
When he showed them
His fancy car at the lot

But as the car started
Also the chitter chatter
He found them the same
Like family near Lahore

Saving their pennies
Planning to buy gold
Dreaming of houses
Talking of marriage

By the time he dropped
His sated Indian friends
He wondered why wars
Demarcate all territory

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blue sea

Blue sea with your pale waves
Dancing along the golden sand
I sat near you for a brief pause
As life made me feel too weary

And then a conversation started
I asked you sea how you remain
Ever so blue, quiet and constant
Even if world constantly changes

How is it that you remain same
While the desert gets spectacled
By the towers of light and colour
Don't you envy the ephemeral?

The ocean remained quiet
I felt impatient for answer
My mind running my own
Pent up feelings and wants

Then for once the wind lifted
The sand came up to my eyes
By the time I got up cleaned
About to go I glimpsed the sea

And the blue sea remained
As it's ever been eternally
But sand changed course
With every wind that blew

That's how its always been
With the mind and the soul
And envy too is ephemeral
Soul like sea is not bothered

Moner moto

Parlam na hote 
Tomar moner moto
O pagol mon aamar

E jibon je jaay kete
Tumi shodur kinaraay
Aamay bhule cholecho

Kintu hoyto shetai bhalo
Aami pabo hoyto ekdin
Nijeke khuje ei nirjonaay

A translation from Bengali:

Close to heart

I could never be
Like you wanted 
My dear heart

And life passes
You in another
Corner forgetting

But maybe that's better
I'll find you my heart
In my utter solitude

For whom are you waiting?

Pretty lady at Dubai airport
Wide smile, holding placard

For whom are you waiting?
Is it client for your business

A wanderer with no roots
Only here to steal the loot

Does he really deserve
Your charming smile?

Pretty lady holding placard
With strange foreign name

In lovely olive uniform
Flaunting golden locks

Bringing life to dull airport
For whom are you waiting?

Friday, 15 May 2015


Did I actually fall in love?
Yes, I did many times so

Every time it had started
Like a pleasant intrusion

But it soon left a wound
As nectar turned poison

Among the infected cuts
There was one, only one

In spite of the bloody scar
A sapling basil was sown

Other infections spread
But basil roots dug deep

It grew up healthy fresh
Ensured safe sanitarium

And in the green leaves
There was the antidote

The plant shed its leaves
To heal all other wounds

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Off the edge

He sat on the edge
Of a high rise roof
Another step ahead
And it'll be the end

A lot of deliberation
Brought him up here
Now close to end he
Wanted to contemplate

It wasn't much was it
A small nudge ahead
Few seconds free fall
Some seconds of pain

It would all end then
All humiliation faced
Lack of everyone's care
The vacuum ever there

Just a bit more and soon
So much peace and space
In a few days everyone
Will forget his existence

He took one deep breath
Yes I've made it he said
No one noticed me sneak
Up the stairs to the terrace

I have nothing more to lose
I have so little to ever gain
I make so little difference
It brings a smile to my face

And suddenly it dawned 
Upon him that actually
It really didn't so matter
Whether he lived or died

So I'd rather live a bit more
He got up, came downstairs
Walked back to his home
And fell asleep on his bed

Words on fire

If I could ignite words
Fan flames then onwards
I'd have liked to set world
On fire and watch it burn

Monday, 11 May 2015

Old torn jeans

A pair of old jeans
Hugged you always
But it became shaggy
And torn many places

So you went shopping
Wearing it not noticing
May be the jeans too
Had a heart somewhere

You carried the cash
In your pockets and
Searched the best fit
And matching colour

You tried on many 
Pairs upon yourself
It left you exhausted
Then choose the best

Old pair of jeans now
You happily discarded
In lost cupboard corner
It was eaten by fungus

You might not be aware
But the jeans survived
And lived to tell his tale
Rhyming words to poems


Concealed under yards of cloth
Behind the mask of the perfume
Remains hidden the real of you

Behind all the brick and stone
And the cement of thick walls
Protected from all, delicate you

Difficult words and meanings
Written on crumbling old pages
Undeciphered lies the true you

I only caught a narrow glimpse
In the few moments I had stolen
Yet still I'm so intrigued by you

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mom was right

Mom was right when she said
I should have studied bit more

School and my life would have
Been a lot easier and pleasant

Mom was right when she said
I dress too clumsy, eat messily

Shabbiness is never the mark
Of any cultivated gentleman

Mom was right when she said
My romance was poetic dream

It had nothing to do with reality
That relationship is hard work

Mom was right when she said
I should restrain myself more

My openness will be exploited
By people I thought my own

Mom you were always so right
But I never heeded to your light


Vanished without a trace
Yet I find you everywhere

Sometimes I see you smile
Upon other strange faces

You walk along with me
As an unknown passerby

You serve me all I ever eat
From other hands that feed

Wrap me the blanket asleep
Breeze my hair you sweep

Everyone tells you don't exist
It's only that I'm hallucinating

But to me you are all there is
Existence is only my tolerance

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Entropy you are my best friend
Wheels of karma crushing us all
Let chaos and madness prevail

Monday, 4 May 2015


Strange it is
When the cure
Causes disease

When source
And its target
Are so aligned

Constant cycles of
Actions happening
But also of inaction

If the predator
And the prey
The one again

It's a snake
That is eating
It's very own tail

Nails biting nails
Poison poisoning
The very own self

All origins and
Its destinations
Basically same