Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Full Moon

It was a full moon night
The moon shined bright
All stars were bedazzled
Street lights seemed vain

Empty streets glistened
Vehicles hastily passed
As I walked desolately
Unfeeling earth below

A dog howled, slid by
Sensing presence of
A departed lost soul
Seeking redemption

It was a full moon night
The moon shined bright
The wind echoed despair
As I walked in dead quiet

Saturday, 26 December 2015


Clouds in blue sky
Wafting in breeze
Reminds me a bit
It's today isn't it?

The past receded
Into far oblivion
Marks slowly fade
For new beginning

There's but a patch
Of blue sky above
To light up the way
For a fulfilling day

Clouds in blue sky
Wafting in breeze
Reminds always
It's today isn't it?

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


In a tiny drop 
I felt the ocean

Now close to the sea 
It's the drop I crave

Friday, 11 December 2015



It's been quite a journey writing my poetry. I'm planning to take a meaningful break from writing for now. The reasons are simple, I wrote all I really could from my heart. Above a hundred poems in a span of about three years! And I wish to give my poetry a beautiful death, having written my best poem so far yesterday - 'Decade'. I don't intend to drag on with my poetry - repeating ideas, or let the passion burn out.

And this was meant to happen. I'm sorry to say that my poetry has always been the poetry of heartbreak. And the heartbreak too can't go on forever. May be when my perspective on life changes, and I find true harmony I'll resume writing poetry again. This time poetry on the fulfillment of love, not the tragic loss of it! So adios my dear imaginary readers. See you hopefully again only after my rebirth from darkness to light; else never again!

Goodbye dear!

Thursday, 10 December 2015


Sometimes I wonder how it'll be
If after a decade again we meet
Accidentally for moments brief
Will it be romantic, bitter sweet

Or shall we resume our conflict
Egos that tore us apart bit by bit
Or will time have totally healed
The hurt we needlessly received

Will we remember idiosyncrasies
Our trivial unique characteristics
Or will time have wiped memories
We'll meet as we'd met first indeed

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Strange are paths of our lives
Yet stranger are strings of love
Twisting, turning, forking out
Taking leaps, on and back time

It's no wonder, the complex mesh
Of human hearts is so intertwined
Conflicting bonds holding society
In it's confines we all live and die

The safety net of heart's bonds
Keep us from falling into abyss
Infinite expanse of space-time
Where we are but minute dust

Yet in everyone's life there's time
When mesh of love is torn apart
Dangling on frail broken cords
On the edge, we glimpse infinite

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


You know what is true
There is a reason deep
Why I write my poetry
Why it resonates within

Why the surreal fantasy
It's all because of a page
Blank, white and so free
Where anything can be

This blank white page
Can take up any shape
It can spread its wings
And fly away in peace

But in real life it's not so
I'm trapped by mortality
My limitations set bounds
Yet mind craves to be free

So I seek my meagre refuge
Behind my words in poetry
Where there are no bounds
In a world I can truly be me

Friday, 4 December 2015


Hundreds of letters unanswered
Few thousand appeals unheard
Countless pleas always ignored
Billions of yearnings unresolved

Is it really how we've progressed
Is this our pride, vain mankind?
Has complacence made ignorant
Numbed us till compassion died

Look how our world burns around
War, poverty and baseless desires
What have we done? Created hell
In name of progression mankind

Monday, 30 November 2015

Marriage card

I received your marriage card yesterday
Didn't dare open it, wonder what's inside
It's better a mystery, much better hidden

But I do accept it, it's the nail upon coffin
Of my tragic comical romance, yet again!
I'll keep it as reminder by my side always

I received your marriage card yesterday
I won't ever open it, wonder what's inside
It's better a reminder for me to strengthen

Other side

I found a glimpse of the other side
A parallel universe so beyond me
Another universe, different reality

Splashes of colour, light n sounds
Nothing like world where we live
Sensations pulsating and sublime

Radiant light sparkles all beings
Where movement meets silence
And syncs up to utter harmony

I found a glimpse of the other side
In a dream, I dreamt deep within
Another universe so far from me

Sunday, 29 November 2015


I'm such a liar you know
No matter how much I try
To write about lofty things
All my poems are on love

But the love I have known
Is far from rosy fairytale
It's rather been a disaster
And I've hardly recovered

One I loved didn't look back
Nor did I mean much to her
All my poetry is just excuse
To cover up a broken heart

But this poetry is all mine
Whom can I go on to lie to
But myself, digging deeper
To hide up all my ugly scars

No wonder the searching
And all the hallucinations
It's just an elaborate scam
To cover what I really am

Saturday, 28 November 2015


I don't think my voice was heard
Beyond these thick airtight walls

I thus learned the music of silence
Everything now resonates inside

The bits of coloured paper dreams
Now forms kaleidoscope of colours

Disparate noises from everywhere
Join to form the greatest symphony


Yes I'm coming close
To an end to all ends
Final cliff after which
There is nothing else

A point of no return
As all of me unravels
Broken basic elements
To return all my debts

Yes I'm just so close
To final destination
As I bid thy farewell
Shadows slowly fade

Monday, 23 November 2015

True songs

Let the wind sing mellow songs
No words can catch its rhythm
Let the water gush and dance
No words can match its steps

With words I can only profess
The clouds of thoughts passing
Which can never match grace
Or depth of the natural world

So let the wind sing its tunes
Let me just sit still and listen
Let the water gush and dance
Let thy soul feel divine within

Saturday, 21 November 2015

I am

I'm not who you think you know
I'm not what you believe you see
I'm also not what I desire to be
I'm not what I'd rather portray

The truth is simply just that I
Am what I am; I am, yes I am


I couldn't see myself anymore
Even inner feelings were lost
So I tried to find a reflection
On the trusted looking glass

But the mirror was so dusty
Nothing really came across
I was a featureless contour
Might as well been a stone

I tried to then find myself
On a filled up wine glass
But the drink was tinted
So convoluted the glass

I tried to see a reflection
Upon my laptop monitor
But there the steady flow
Of stormy media blocked

Tired, disaffected and lost
I gave up, started to doze
And upon my closed eyes
A reflection arrived mine

Saturday, 14 November 2015

To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern
May I say I'm totally fine
I'm actually feeling good

After being lost in a maze
Now I found myself a path
I'm not taking wrong turns

Previously I hit many walls
Trampled between thorns
But now there's a highway

I hitched up a ride walking
The driver took sympathy
And will drop me by along

I look back on my journey
And I see it was just a plan
By divine to unburden me

What I thought I had lost
Was what never belonged 
Remaining is mine forever

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Your smile

Life was such a drag
I was crawling along
Through work n play

One day I discovered
Your beautiful smile
Jewel amidst poverty

At first I got enchanted
But soon I knew better
The jewel is not mine

Its been entrusted to me
To show me some light
Will remain till I care

I no longer feel the cold
Through the torn rags
Nor does hunger bite

As long as the jewel
Is along, yet hidden
Enriching me inside

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


I'm getting married
In a matter of days
But I feel just numb

There's nothing I sense
I get hints from others'
Reaction to the news

Most say she's pretty
And I should exercise
Get in shape and shop

But I feel so detached
As if it's all happening
Around me, not within

There's but genuine liking
For the one I'm betrothed
Sadly that's as far it goes

But then isn't bonding
Like a burning flame
Ours is a mild candle

I'd known fires before
But so uncontrollable
Like a wild forest fire

Within brief moments
So much got burnt out
That nothing remained

But it has cleared
The ground fully
To sow saplings

New resilient species
Which will hopefully
Blossom again soon

Monday, 9 November 2015

My mistake

Biggest mistake I made
Was not understanding
That the most precious
Of everything is grace

Something which can
Never be demanded
Never be confiscated
Sold nor ever stolen

It can only be given
When one is ready
To face the ultimate
Truth that all is one

Saturday, 7 November 2015


I never found myself
And I could't find you
It's all so intertwined

Because there never
Was any difference
We were just same

The unsteady wind
From the far north
Dissipating slowly

We were destined
To never ever meet
But flow same way

On cliffs and valleys
Searching each other
Upon an eternal quest

Friday, 6 November 2015

Birthday wish

It's your birthday tomorrow
And I don't know what to do
But it's been a year since we
Actually spoke to each other

And now my hands are tied
I can no longer post a letter
Nor wrap gift or call phone
Neither fit words together

But the date will be there etched
For the insanity of all my plans
Of buying an absurd flight ticket
Or thinking to paint with blood

But this time I feel I shouldn't
Try to disturb your harmony
Instead I'll send a gentle wish
In a dream in my deep sleep

It'll travel thousand miles
With the traveling breeze
Touch the flower in vase
On thy bright window sill

The flower will sense feeling
And the little music carried
Blossom a little bit more
And greet you tomorrow

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tree of life

Strange are the ways of love
Today it is all encompassing
Tomorrow its all but dream

What seemed ever so real
Turned in to feeble illusion
Anyone can see it through

Through the inner turmoil
Ground of the heart tilled
A few seeds of hope sown

After years of dissipation
Bleak rain and dark clouds
A few saplings have grown

Now at dawn the dew shines
On tiny green leaves sprout
Someday they'll grow a tree

Provide fruit and give shelter
Through the loneliness when
One's youth 'n time runs out

Friday, 16 October 2015


The box of crayons
At the table corner
Kept staring at me
Under a coat of dust

Unused for so long
Yet safely displayed
For an inspired day
To scale up dreams

Colors black and red
Overused, barely stay
The blues and greens
Can fill up the palette

My old box of crayons
I had saved for today
A bright autumn day
To scale dreams again

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The last night

What if it's the last night?
Last dream before I wake
Final mist to cover dawn
But we never said goodbye

It's ok, dreams will haunt
Creaking doors announce
The wind not you're back
And thus we'll never part

Yes it's the very last night
Last dream before awake
Last fog to mask the dawn
We'll meet other side next

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A dream

I saw a dream last night
Something so unforeseen
Beyond all I felt or knew

I woke up in your arms
We're actually together
Living lives intertwined

There's laughter and joy
Not all the running away
From our trivial miseries

But I awoke just too soon
It's the wine I'd gulped up
Last night coursing veins

But beautiful dream it was
None the less, nor bit more
A silver lining briefly seen

Friday, 28 August 2015

I don't care

I wonder if you 
Wouldn't mind
If I'd be truthful

It's just a fact that
I really don't care
What goes around

As long as my own
Wants are fulfilled
Let the world burn

But how can a poet
A sensitive artiste
Be so hypocritical

But really I'm not
Because I just don't
Care even a tiny bit

Outside world burns
Many beings starve
I clean my own room

Everyday I do die within
Just as our world burns
Since I really don't care

Darn the unfair world
Gimme my buttered loaf
I have traded my soul

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hello life

Hello life here we are again
Face to face just by ourselves
No longer sulking at corner
Lets sit by and have a chat

So how have you been?
My dear, one true friend
Did you lose your way?
Drifted away in bylanes

I'm with you vital life
Although not reliable
You can count me in
For free condolence

But are you now ready?
To take a step beyond
Leave behind the trace
What dragged so long

But no life not so yet
No matter how much
You try we still haven't
Closed the untied ends

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Falling softly

I've always been falling so hard
Now I'm learning to fall softly

I'd hit myself and hurt so badly
Blamed others for pushing me

But that was not really the case
It's just that I'm a late learner

While others started to run races
I still crawled behind failingly

And every time I tried to get up 
With bit support from someone

I fell and things fell apart sadly
I blamed the support aiding me

But now after so much tumbling
I'm learning now to fall softly

Learning to accept pain boldly
To move on till I walk normally

Friday, 21 August 2015

Am I?

Am I an tiny little ant?
Crawling up a globe
Desiring the hidden
Stack of sugar cubes?

Am I a hippopotamus?
Smug wading in mud
Without any darn care
Impending extinction?

Am I that creepy spider
Building up a lovely net
Trapping whatever I can
For few morsels of food?

Am I a penguin at the pole?
Dressed elegantly partying
Even as the ice-caps melt
Dreaming a placid heaven?

Or am I a mere human?
Ever so lost and confused
Nothing will ever suffice
Desiring everything new

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I found myself smiling today
But I wasn't really sure why?
Was I laughing at myself?
Or the madness all around?

May be I recalled some incident
Remembered someone long lost
Or may be I'm now forgetting
All my dark clouds I had above

But why on earth should I need
A valid reason for a wide grin
Is it a sign of emerging insanity
Or it's now that I'm finally sane?

Friday, 14 August 2015

Ink drips

There will always be poetry
A long as the pen ink drips
Ink neither blue or black
But ruby red pure blood

Once wounds have healed
And the blood clots up dark
The pen will no longer drip
There'll be poetry no more

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What happened?

I really wonder what happened
That all white turned pure black
Blooming flowers started to rot
Colourful paper burnt to ashes

I think life is just like the river
Fresh water from the glacier
But it lost it's path on the way
The river couldn't reach ocean

It formed into a stagnant lake
Was tortured with pollution
The water has turned black
Lifeless awaiting dissolution

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Slice of the moon

I wanted a slice of the moon
And not a tiny one mind you
Perfectly cut edges with knife
For me to sit alone and chew

The moon observed me then
From a distance and smiled
Moon tried to inch forward
But it was restricted in orbit

And I was bound by gravity
So it actually didn't happen
But moon and I remained
Locked in eternal embrace

Moon would peek through
Through half open window
Find me asleep in my dreams
Briefly I'd wake to smile back

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Seven drops

A drop of dripping sweat
Of the years of toil in vain

A drop of a drying tear
For the years of silence

A drop of ethereal wine
Intoxication of madness

A drop of fresh wound blood
Of repressed anger and hate

A drop of darkest poison
Of bitterness fermented

A drop of saccharine syrup
The gullibility of ignorance

And a drop of mystery
Of unrequited open ends

Nicely churned and heated
In the flames of life's trials

And there you have it
Recipe for a true poem! 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Ek tasveer

Ek tasveer hi  toh tha j0
Mein kabhi jala na saka!
Lekin baaki jo kuch bhi tha
Sab jal ke raaq ho gaya na?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Ek aur bhi sahi

Itno ko toh mein ne jhela
Abhi tum ek aur bhi sahi
Itne saare armaan tute
Ek tumhare liye bhi sahi

Kitne saare sapne dekhe
Zindagi ne hosh phiraya
Tum bhi ek khwaab the
Neend se jaga phir sahi

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Uncertainty really gets to me
Throwing anyone off the lane
A path generations treaded

Leading to soft, safe haven
Predictable set of outcomes
Uncertainty creates chances

It's fear of unmapped terrain
That keeps the tame ones away
From following beating hearts

Instead most of us just choose
To become a cold, dead dream
Living in fear of unpredictability

Monday, 8 June 2015

I tried

I tried to write a poem
But my clumsy words
Hardly made any sense

I tried to compose a tune
But my hands just shook
Missed a beat on guitar

I tried to write an email
But made grammar error
On the subject line itself

I tried to paint a picture
But my brush fell down
And blotched all colours

I tried to win your smile
But all I got was tears
For solace in the dark

But yes I had tried
In an attempt to live
I survived my errors

Friday, 29 May 2015


I'm plotting a revolution
Of course by myself alone
It's unlikely I'll ever find
A partner in my crimes

So it'll be the greatest
Revolution world saw
Stoping all exploitation
Solve human condition

I lay it out on paper
Write long manifesto
Down with the smug
Bring heaven on earth

But hah! I'm kidding
World won't change
Entropy will remain
But only I can evolve

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Everyone I've ever known
Display their unique colour
And the closer I have been
More more they dyed me so

By now I'm just a big splash
Of random colours thrown
But the mix is grayish dark
That became my true colour

Monday, 25 May 2015

Eating Alone

Most people do hate the most
Thought of eating meals alone
At this I'm truly a veteran pro
More often than not I eat alone

For me it's been a compulsion
And also quite bare necessity
When hunger pangs hurts bit
And there's none around with

It's actually very enlightening
To see how matter easily wins
Over inner energy's firm will
When compelled by my hunger

And I need to break my vow
Of solitude and peace to find
Nutrition from outside world
Make a trade-off for survival

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Dubai mall boasts an aquarium
Hundreds of meters wide n tall
A selection of marine creatures
Fishes to sharks, big and small

Thick glass walls separate them
From enchanted crowd in queue
And it'd hard to tell who's really
Observing whom with more awe

But then isn't the air sealed mall
An aquarium for us humans too?
We built for ourselves an airlock
From abrasive desert sun's loom

And all around me at Dubai mall
Humans from every race and clan
In all ages, wearing every colour
The mall itself amazing cauldron

Aquarium dwellers fed on time
Predator, prey swimming along
Sharks disdain to attack any fish
So do rich and poor walk around

In a setting so gloriously surreal
That it's easy to spend a lifetime
Fooled by lust for all the sensual
While system earns a few dimes

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


It isn't just coincidence
Happened accidentally
It resolved deliberately

The glass was meant
To slip, get shattered
And the drink spilled

But thank heavens
The spill didn't ruin
Someone's fine garb

There was a mess
But it got cleaned
With calm dignity

I digressed limits
Now I'm set right
On track, destiny

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Rizwan went home smiling
Stroking his greying beard
Today there were Indians
Guests at his Dubai office

Four peculiar species
Arrived in white cab
Paid costly Dirhams
Keeping chests wide

They impressed his bosses
All Indians do work hard
Coming from such country
Where millions just starve

They uttered many jargons
Showed colourful mock ups
Spoke crystal clear English
Yet in Hindi joked amongst

Rizwan offered them lift
After a hard day's work
They seemed tired indeed
And Indians like Pakistanis

But he wasn't so sure
He spotted some envy
When he showed them
His fancy car at the lot

But as the car started
Also the chitter chatter
He found them the same
Like family near Lahore

Saving their pennies
Planning to buy gold
Dreaming of houses
Talking of marriage

By the time he dropped
His sated Indian friends
He wondered why wars
Demarcate all territory