Monday, 14 November 2016

Dawn to Dusk

I'm sitting at dusk, recalling dawn
So much passed with me all along

In dawn when Sun had first shone
With enthusiasm, fervently I strode

I failed to notice the cogs in my way
I tripped and got hurt to lurch ahead

Resting upon adjacent foliage shade
I recuperated till I was strong again

Slowly as the Sun rays lost its glare
I was walking again in careful pace

I reached on time to my cozy abode
At dusk, impressions of dawn arose

Sunday, 6 November 2016

The world vs me

When younger I thought
The world was so wrong
And I was completely right
But I was so far from truth

I grew older, doubts crept in
World seemed to work well
Maybe I was one mistaken
The mess was just my fault

Now as I mature and wisen
I realize that nothing is right
Nor anything really is wrong
The world just is, and so I am