Monday, 28 October 2013

Broken glass

When it arrived 
It was sparkling new!
In spite of my fuss
Soon I noticed a crack...

It was mishandled?
Did I hold it too tight?
It leaked but I held on,
And the crack deepened...

In spite of my care,
I had it misbalanced...
A small external nudge
And it fell to the floor!

The glass was shattered;
The broken edges too sharp...
It cut, I bled and I paused...
But the cleaning was essential.

Broken glass can never
Join and be whole again.
The only way is to gather
The pieces and mould again.

In intense unforgiving heat,
Till even the bravest defeat...
And molten fluid again;
Can be mould to a new shape.

Give it time to cool...
To heal, be strong again.
And now it's a new glass.
Stains only adds to it's beauty!

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Tonight I have grown a bit older,
And the darkness is a bit darker...
But does it really matter?

Tonight I need time away from you
But even more from myself... to go on
But does it really matter?

Tonight I remember the night four years ago
When I slept with a blade, but didn't cut myself...
But does it even matter?

A part of me has died... so much I leave behind
I'll forget, it'll be locked in my heart till my end...
But does it even matter?

The Blessing

In a quiet empty room,
One lonely Saturday...
I suddenly realize
How blessed I am!

The gentle sunlight
Through the window,
Caresses my skin...
Breeze strokes my hair.

And I question,
Am I really alone?
Am I not surrounded
By the divine now!

But it's all so easy
To forget and never
Acknowledge, our gifts;
To find only grief and hate...

Then I realize,
It's also a blessing...
To know your blessing
And see beyond the futile!

Photo by Soumya Kanti Paul

Friday, 25 October 2013

Off course

Been always off course
Life never a straight line...
Skewed and unjustified;
While my profession is to align.

With grids and lines
I bind my work...
While in real life,
Everything runs amok!

Order and symmetry
Pixel by pixel,
Designing per hour
Is what I sell.

While my real existence
Finds meaning behind;
Clumsy brush strokes
And iconoclastic lines.

But between the two traits
There are no conflicts!
Both, sides of same coin;
For one the other exists.

Chaos and order
Are not too different...
The thin line between
Is ultimate attainment!

Monday, 7 October 2013


Doing some soul searching
It suddenly dawned upon me;
That I'm actually a nobody
Not to you, myself or anyone else.

Because what do I really have?
All my successes were situational!
So were my failures too,
Without my luck I'd be nowhere.

What about my thoughts
And my deeper feelings?
Well they were delusional
And too fleeting to worth...

Same with my relationships,
All too messed to make any sense.
Even my body is nothing but
A frail boat on turbulent waters!

What do I have? What makes me?
And the answer is nothing
I'm nobody, neither to you...
Or myself.

Photo by Soumya Kanti Paul

Saturday, 5 October 2013

I found you

I finally found you!
But you were at a distance...
You have outgrown me,
I am no longer your plaything.

You have grown up now

Found your self, your pride.
Yet you didn't forget me
You answered my call

By not answering...

By hiding behind.
And you ran away,
I know its my fault!

I didn't understand you back then

I was too young, too immature!
But please do know it for sure
It was because of you that I finally grew up.

And I find you again...

But you are still at a distance.
Memories flash past me...
When my eyes open, you are gone!

Photo by Soumya Kanti Paul