Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Colour Blind

Yes. I'm colour blind.
Because I don't see
The difference,
Between blue and green!

The two colors...
So similar in saturation,
Yet worlds apart
In hues and moods.

Blue is regal and strong
But also most melancholy.
Green earthy and humble,
The colour of life - happy!

Different, yet they are
Not in conflict,
For its the light from sky
That nurtures plants.

Being color blind,
My palette gets mixed...
My sky looks green,
Trees with blotches of blue!

But these external mistakes
Are still forgivable...
What happens within
Is beyond comprehension!

My moods swing from
the melancholy blue,
To the fullness of green...
And I froth like the teal ocean!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A mile and an inch

For you I walked a mile
On jagged uphill slope,
With back breaking baggage.
Yet you didn't have the heart
To move an inch...

I wrote a hundred letters,
A sea of words...
Twisting and turning ideas
Till they meant no more!
Yet you kept silent...

Now when I look back,
I just smile... thankful
That you didn't change.
Thus we remained parallel lines
Never to meet again!

Then I was lost, I got dazed;
Yet I found wild flowers
In the thorny maze...
And the princess on her tower
Locked remained...

Looking down at the
World below, what did she see?
The mighty soldiers?
The blissful village?
Or was she just looking for me?

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Act

It's all an act don't you see?
We are only actors in the scene of life...
So what's the point of all needless anger?
Unless you see that the anger is an act too!

We are all playing roles we are good at
But its only a role, nothing more;
God made his own casting decisions
Let's just stick around till the play ends.

Then we'll all go back, remove make up...
The hero and the villain would chat over drinks,
And laugh at each other's mistakes...
Then say with joy, our play was a success!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I see

I see a narrow dark lane
There's barely any light

Huge tidal waves
Washing me away

Falling into an abyss
Which has no end

And sometimes I see you
Whispering few words

But hard to recollect
When I wake up at dawn

And I sleep again
This time I'm at an empty beach

Hearing the ocean roar
And the wind blows my hair

A faint shadow at a distance
Maybe its you, but doesn't matter

Because I'm here
I am now... I am... I

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Funeral

It's only the funeral
This saturday
I died long ago?

Decorating my tomb
Like an Egyptian pharaoh...
All my belongings saved.

The menu has been planned,
Guest list ready...
Hoping no one bothers the decay!

This brings forth a question...
Why is death so despised and life cherished?
Why can't 'happily ever after' be my death?

Why do we fear darkness?
How can it be evil?
Is it nothing but a complete void?

We all want to fill ourselves...
But our hearts a black hole
Nothing survives, nothing escapes.

So being null is my goal...
But how to reach I have hardly a clue.
My words all futile, I'm grasping in the dark!