Monday, 27 June 2016


The spark was always there
Embers were still lighted up
The brew was yet simmering

The tune was in the making
Waiting for the final album
To bring forth the swan song

Painting the Sun

I was often painting the sun
Shining yellow with a smile

Bright green grass below
And clear blue skies above

But that's not where I live
It's an alien world beyond

So I've changed my palette
My colours are grey tinged

I paint my musty smoky city
Snippets from overcast past

Then brush flows more freely
I can finally be true to myself

Thursday, 23 June 2016


I was so getting too used to
AC buses for daily commute
But yesterday I lost patience
Waiting for my usual Volvo

I decided to take regular bus
On the same route for change
This was not populated with
Sleek IT crowd with backpacks

It was filled with wage earners
The ones who count their money
Earned with hard toil every day
Whom city's glitterati looks away

Suddenly I was so surrounded
With several unfamiliar smells
Unlike the perfumed AC bus air
I felt completely overwhelmed

The open windows brought in
Car fumes and stink of garbage
Smell of my co-passengers' sweat
Mixed with scent of rain on earth

I again felt connected with real
Of the city's struggle and grime
Which swank city malls can't hide
And expanding skyline can't wipe

Monday, 13 June 2016

Losing memories

I'm losing my memory
I can't recall the tunes
I composed or words
Written how long back?

But it's likely better
Things submerged
And sunk to depths 
Of subconsciousness

I'm losing memories
I can't recall names
Feelings I once felt
Are lost and blurred

Friday, 10 June 2016

Another place

At another world
Parallel universe
Somewhere else

Flowers still bloom
The air is still fresh
Sunlight falls tender

Your laughter remains
Like a sparkling stream
Pure water effervescent

Another lost world
A parallel universe
Life's just happiness

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Upon a hill

By now I've climbed
A small desolate hill
All bare and isolated
But at least it's mine

Pausing at the hilltop
I caught up my breath
Sitting on a rock's edge
I could see the horizon

In the faint twilight
I could barely trace
My stony uphill path
I had trudged along

Yet I reached here
But there's hardly
Much to hold on to
In this barren hill

I could slowly figure
There are mountains
Inviting me up ahead
Pushing me to move on