Thursday, 26 February 2015

Right and wrong

You were not wrong
Nor was I ever right
Between us passed
A few years alright

And you met others
Unlike my self exile
Your side socialized
As I drowned inside

Two years thus passed
In tales of pure contrast
Now sides have flipped
Thats really funny part

After years of flirting
A man is on your side
But you're now bound
Inside closed confines

Windows that now hide
Your secrets worldwide
In a live-in relationship
That you'll always deny

Meanwhile just broke my
Mental cage I was locked
I'm free, I'll be moving on
The past I'm not bothered

But I'm no longer the
Soft and sensitive guy
I'm ruthless and I hate
Up to fight for my side

Senseless romanticism
Is all too phony to me
While its all you'll be
To hold your stability

What was all right
What was so wrong
Actually nothing but
Flipped sides of coin

Monday, 23 February 2015

Across miles

I thought I'd write
To you a long letter
Across many miles
Separating us now

Its been ages since
We actually spoke
And had anything
Between to share

But what to write
I wonder at times
A set of mishaps
I'd just survived

Projects at office
Stuck and delayed
My place n myself
Now more unkempt

Couple disastrous
Blind dates upset
Bitterness of beer
Now suits my taste

Music jams & band
Just went nowhere
All my tax deadlines
Missed here n there

Went friend's place
For WC2015 match
Came back shortly
Groups I do detach

Back home dark room
I stared fan on ceiling
For two hours straight
Thinking life's meaning

But I found none
Thus my fighting
Was just pointless
And time's passing

Anyways I feel
It's much better
I never wrote
My long letter

But really did I?
Maybe you'll then
Glance once upon
My long mad poem

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Arms of time

The arms of a clock
Are ever so reliable
Round and round
Time circles perfect

But life is so unsteady
Sometimes long waits
Another time rushing
Yet ends never meet

I stare at you clock
Lost in my memories
But you move I stay
In world of nostalgia

Everything so blurred
Smudged rough edges
Its a comforting pillow
Upon a moment of rest

But arms of time move
As I become outdated
Another redundant bit
Taking too much space

Time you keep mocking
My unyielding slow pace
For what are we fighting?
Time, you and meek me

Time why do you prefer
The young and the fresh
Throw away old waste
Like me and all the else

Maybe after I'm dead
Time, you and I'll be
True friends in eternity
No more hurry to move

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Letting go

Yes it is hard to let go
Joyful moments vanish
Painful memories keep
Always knocking door

It's hard to acknowledge
With me you're unhappy
Your joy is someone else
My darkness is deserved

When the sticky black tar
Of hate coats up my heart
In vain I try to remember
The time we had first met

Excitement of first meeting
How I had gazed and stared
Clumsily I fumbled around
Became joke but didn't care

How days passed in an instant
Those nights were of longing
Now a day is long hard work
Night I try erase you from me

My shadow

You are my shadow
And you never left
Most often I forget
I'm always followed

Only when the night
Engulfs in darkness
You become all of me
And I am my shadow