Monday, 27 January 2014

The last leaf

It's a leaf dried brown.
The little life left,
Wringing itself out...
But its stem still strong!

All its companions
Been blown away...
It's the last leaf
Of a late autumn!

Its been so quiet,
For so long...
Now it longed to speak
Its final words...

But whom to speak to?
The mother tree always
Silent and pre-occupied...
The leaf too insignificant.

The wind passes by,
A stranger... indifferent.
But may be worth a chance...
Who cares anyways?

So I spoke to the wind...
"Hi! How are you?
You seem so frosty today!
Was it snowing at your origin?"

The wind really didn't answer,
It kept moaning and groaning...
As if going through turmoil;
Couldn't see beyond herself.

Not unlikely I felt...
She's been through a lot herself...
Passed so many with her who sailed,
But left when destination arrived!

I looked around...
What else could I see?
More trees growing bare...
Dead leaves all around.

The sky seemed blue...
But too far away!
Maybe the clouds
Can hear me...

So I screamed at the clouds...
"Hellooooo! Nice day?
Things fine? You look pale!"
The proud clouds floated past...

So I kept quiet...
A little longer.
The sky turned dusk,
And it got colder...

My stem now brittle,
A small nudge and
Slow descent into...
The world of decay!

The tree started speaking...
"Farewell, my dear child
You held on too long!
It's time to let go now..."

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

You passed me

I was busy doing my nonsense
When you passed me by...
First I didn't even look
But then your scent wafted close...

When I put aside my clutter
And looked up towards you,
You had already disappeared...
Without a trace for me to follow.

That very moment something
Stirred within me, and I knew
I have absolutely lost my chance!
There's no way to find you again.

So now I'm back to my nonsense.
It seems all irrelevant and jaded now...
But I have to go on... live and breathe till
I find a way out, tie the remaining ends.


Can things really be
If every thing is in relation
to another...

Then what can be pure?
It's all touched,
Mixed up, pent up, directed...
Nothing independent.

But then the only possibility
of purity,
Is to be a pure mixture...
Total dilution.

So much dilution that it becomes
Freed from all contact...

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I looked at the mirror today.
No seriously... I really looked.
And I saw something...
Something I had not known.

That I was so blinded
By my own perception;
I completely missed the point.
Was day-dreaming all the time!

And that's it.
Reality just is,
The way it is.
Nothing more.

But why did I miss this?
All this time? 28 years now?
Because I never really,
Really looked at a mirror.

Truth is nothing but a mirror.
A sparkling spotless mirror.
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
How dumb I have been so far!

Monday, 6 January 2014

To my Dearest

My dear dearest,
I have been waiting too long!
Running out of my patience...
I have become miserable now.

Every time I look into the mirror,

It scares me! Is that really me?
Skin losing shine, hair in tangles...
The beard like rough bristles!

Been so long I don't even remember

That I might have been somebody else...
Like a prisoner locked in a dungeon,
Keys got lost, everyone forgot long back.

So when I look outside...

A tiny window from my cell...
The slanting rays of the sun
So precious and few blades of grass!

But strangely enough...

I'm happy here... my tiny box,
No one can reach me...
I'm too sensitive to touch.

So my dearest... Even if I plead

Don't come close to me again.
I won't be able to bear it...
How can I? I'm in rags!

I think I have forgotten to speak...
I can only blabber non-sense now.
But while that voice died,
I can hear words from beyond...

The stars, the wind, the trees
Talk with me freely now.
Its quite natural actually...
Being nobody I don't threaten them.

The moon told me something yesterday,
While I was pacing about my cell...
That somewhere you are... happy and loved.
And I can say goodbye, the little that's left in me.