Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A day at a time

I finally reach my goal
Because I'm just floating
A day at a time...

Time just flows
I'm living, I'm breathing
A day at a time...

Back in my sacred zone
Buffered from the world
A day at a time...

There's still so much left
Even without you I find
Every day at a time...

Photo by Harsh Kadam

Friday, 23 August 2013

Dazed and Numb

And so it happened,
I don't miss you any more...
Behind the anger and confusion,
I have become dazed and numb!

The invisible thread that kept tied,
Under all the strain is now torn.
We are no longer under the same sky,
Mine is stormy dark, while yours cleared...

But its needed... I need the rain to wash me,
While you need the bright sunshine to roam free.
I become more like a plant, roots digging deeper
While you a free animal, explore and discover!

Then does it really matter?
All barriers are only physical...

One beautiful star lit night
The restless deer will get lost,
In the densest dark forest...
Where no one ever tread before!

Then looking for shelter
In the mysterious woods,
Find a glorious tree
Standing way apart...

Beneath its gentle branches,
Feel a familiar breeze...
And fall asleep
To the whispering lullaby.

And she would dream,
She'd remember...
The sapling she played with
As a kid and forgot ever since!

But when she'd wake,
The tree would be like every other
In the sparkling sunlight...
You'd forget me and move on.

Never to look back again,
And I'd heave a sigh of relief...
Stretch my arms in the Sun,
And sing my mellow song to the wind...

Photo by Amrita Senapati