Sunday, 20 March 2016


My energy was scattered
In hundreds of directions
A tug of war kept me tied
Pull of infinite distractions

But I was luckily blessed
With divine intervention
The strings of desire cut
Freed from the quicksand

I had gasped and struggled
The slimy mud throttled me
But I grabbed a helping hand
And pulled myself slowly out

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Carved in stone

Even if you search
You won’t find me

Now I’m beyond
A river uncrossed

So I etched words
Carved upon stone

You’ll see my glimpse
Whenever you glance


Life is a roller-coaster
Because of Dopamine
Excitement of the highs
Brings us crushing lows

For it we crave novelty
Be it food or new shoes
But higher one climbs
Harder will be the fall

And a cycle continues
Driving our decisions
We crave more n more
Yet less n less satisfied


Too much intention
Does cause tension
Whatever happens
Is just meant to be

Whenever I'd tried
Bit much too hard
I've invariably so
Missed my mark

But whenever I
Went with flow
And let things be
I found treasure

Friday, 4 March 2016


All my life I yearned
For moments of love
I searched, I pursued
And was disappointed

Now I've crossed a barrier
On other side I'm married
Now I see I was mistaken
Love's within, not outside