Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Flowers in a garden

Osho was right when he said
Falling in love with someone
Is akin to admiring a flower
In a garden along one's path

It's fine to be truly inspired
But to desire for possession
Is a grave crime committed
Plucking it to keep in a vase

No matter how marvelous
Flower will look displayed
It'll wither away to waste
And it'll be soon replaced

Instead if we just awaken
To build our own garden
Someday it might bloom
With a glorious blossom

Monday, 11 July 2016

Lyrics of 'Today' by Peacock Affect

Sharing lyrics of one of my favourite songs.


I saw you today
And I don't know if you noticed me
You kept walking away
You kept going the wrong way
When I want to know
What do you think of me?
And why 
Does this always happen to me?

It's been years...

I saw you with your group
You noticed me first 
Goosebumps and shivers d
own my spine 
Making me want to cry
With the emotion you flooded me
So many awful memories
Now can you look me in the eye? 
And say I haven't changed

by Peacock Affect