Thursday, 13 October 2016

Letter to God 1

I've been writing many poems
For so long that I lost all track
But no one really reads them
This blog is so dead and done

So I decided, instead of poems
I'll write letters instead to God
Dear Jesus, Krishna, Buddha
Mother Durga, Mary and Sita

I'm grateful you gave me life
Introduced me to this world
But I did mess up everything
I'm still alive for your grace

The world is really complex
I never seem to get firm grip
But when everything changes
Nothing does last to hold on

Someday I hope to fathom
The totality of the universe
Overcome my shallow self
Unify with your presence

Last man standing

I'm the last man standing
Not too sturdy, a bit frail

It's past a decade since
I was in my first band

Every member changed
But I still held my place

Till band became solo act
And no listener was intact

Still in my dreams I can feel
Pulse of stepping up on stage

Deafening roar of audience
Now gives way to silence

Once inane cheesy lyrics
To writing lines of poems

I'm the last man standing
I hope to go on till the end