Friday, 28 August 2015

I don't care

I wonder if you 
Wouldn't mind
If I'd be truthful

It's just a fact that
I really don't care
What goes around

As long as my own
Wants are fulfilled
Let the world burn

But how can a poet
A sensitive artiste
Be so hypocritical

But really I'm not
Because I just don't
Care even a tiny bit

Outside world burns
Many beings starve
I clean my own room

Everyday I do die within
Just as our world burns
Since I really don't care

Darn the unfair world
Gimme my buttered loaf
I have traded my soul

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hello life

Hello life here we are again
Face to face just by ourselves
No longer sulking at corner
Lets sit by and have a chat

So how have you been?
My dear, one true friend
Did you lose your way?
Drifted away in bylanes

I'm with you vital life
Although not reliable
You can count me in
For free condolence

But are you now ready?
To take a step beyond
Leave behind the trace
What dragged so long

But no life not so yet
No matter how much
You try we still haven't
Closed the untied ends

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Falling softly

I've always been falling so hard
Now I'm learning to fall softly

I'd hit myself and hurt so badly
Blamed others for pushing me

But that was not really the case
It's just that I'm a late learner

While others started to run races
I still crawled behind failingly

And every time I tried to get up 
With bit support from someone

I fell and things fell apart sadly
I blamed the support aiding me

But now after so much tumbling
I'm learning now to fall softly

Learning to accept pain boldly
To move on till I walk normally

Friday, 21 August 2015

Am I?

Am I an tiny little ant?
Crawling up a globe
Desiring the hidden
Stack of sugar cubes?

Am I a hippopotamus?
Smug wading in mud
Without any darn care
Impending extinction?

Am I that creepy spider
Building up a lovely net
Trapping whatever I can
For few morsels of food?

Am I a penguin at the pole?
Dressed elegantly partying
Even as the ice-caps melt
Dreaming a placid heaven?

Or am I a mere human?
Ever so lost and confused
Nothing will ever suffice
Desiring everything new

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I found myself smiling today
But I wasn't really sure why?
Was I laughing at myself?
Or the madness all around?

May be I recalled some incident
Remembered someone long lost
Or may be I'm now forgetting
All my dark clouds I had above

But why on earth should I need
A valid reason for a wide grin
Is it a sign of emerging insanity
Or it's now that I'm finally sane?

Friday, 14 August 2015

Ink drips

There will always be poetry
A long as the pen ink drips
Ink neither blue or black
But ruby red pure blood

Once wounds have healed
And the blood clots up dark
The pen will no longer drip
There'll be poetry no more

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What happened?

I really wonder what happened
That all white turned pure black
Blooming flowers started to rot
Colourful paper burnt to ashes

I think life is just like the river
Fresh water from the glacier
But it lost it's path on the way
The river couldn't reach ocean

It formed into a stagnant lake
Was tortured with pollution
The water has turned black
Lifeless awaiting dissolution

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Slice of the moon

I wanted a slice of the moon
And not a tiny one mind you
Perfectly cut edges with knife
For me to sit alone and chew

The moon observed me then
From a distance and smiled
Moon tried to inch forward
But it was restricted in orbit

And I was bound by gravity
So it actually didn't happen
But moon and I remained
Locked in eternal embrace

Moon would peek through
Through half open window
Find me asleep in my dreams
Briefly I'd wake to smile back