Monday, 28 October 2013

Broken glass

When it arrived 
It was sparkling new!
In spite of my fuss
Soon I noticed a crack...

It was mishandled?
Did I hold it too tight?
It leaked but I held on,
And the crack deepened...

In spite of my care,
I had it misbalanced...
A small external nudge
And it fell to the floor!

The glass was shattered;
The broken edges too sharp...
It cut, I bled and I paused...
But the cleaning was essential.

Broken glass can never
Join and be whole again.
The only way is to gather
The pieces and mould again.

In intense unforgiving heat,
Till even the bravest defeat...
And molten fluid again;
Can be mould to a new shape.

Give it time to cool...
To heal, be strong again.
And now it's a new glass.
Stains only adds to it's beauty!

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