Monday, 6 January 2014

To my Dearest

My dear dearest,
I have been waiting too long!
Running out of my patience...
I have become miserable now.

Every time I look into the mirror,

It scares me! Is that really me?
Skin losing shine, hair in tangles...
The beard like rough bristles!

Been so long I don't even remember

That I might have been somebody else...
Like a prisoner locked in a dungeon,
Keys got lost, everyone forgot long back.

So when I look outside...

A tiny window from my cell...
The slanting rays of the sun
So precious and few blades of grass!

But strangely enough...

I'm happy here... my tiny box,
No one can reach me...
I'm too sensitive to touch.

So my dearest... Even if I plead

Don't come close to me again.
I won't be able to bear it...
How can I? I'm in rags!

I think I have forgotten to speak...
I can only blabber non-sense now.
But while that voice died,
I can hear words from beyond...

The stars, the wind, the trees
Talk with me freely now.
Its quite natural actually...
Being nobody I don't threaten them.

The moon told me something yesterday,
While I was pacing about my cell...
That somewhere you are... happy and loved.
And I can say goodbye, the little that's left in me.

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