Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Love letters

I wrote to you a love letter
Fumbled words smudged ink
Posted it with evening breeze
But I do doubt it ever reached

May be the letter had drowned
Floating upon the river of time
May be it got badly trampled
By the bustling crowd in rush

But one thing is just for sure
That my letter never reached
Else I'd have got an answer
Even if it came months late

May be you did send me reply
But your voice was overcome
By the blaring loud speakers
That broadcast breaking news

Or the stream of facebook updates
Distracted you from remembering
My smudged weak lines on the A4
I recklessly took from office printer

I sometimes drift and ponder if it's
Just me or there are many others
Whose life is a bunch of love letters
Which were lost in the long transit

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