Friday, 11 December 2015



It's been quite a journey writing my poetry. I'm planning to take a meaningful break from writing for now. The reasons are simple, I wrote all I really could from my heart. Above a hundred poems in a span of about three years! And I wish to give my poetry a beautiful death, having written my best poem so far yesterday - 'Decade'. I don't intend to drag on with my poetry - repeating ideas, or let the passion burn out.

And this was meant to happen. I'm sorry to say that my poetry has always been the poetry of heartbreak. And the heartbreak too can't go on forever. May be when my perspective on life changes, and I find true harmony I'll resume writing poetry again. This time poetry on the fulfillment of love, not the tragic loss of it! So adios my dear imaginary readers. See you hopefully again only after my rebirth from darkness to light; else never again!

Goodbye dear!

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