Thursday, 23 June 2016


I was so getting too used to
AC buses for daily commute
But yesterday I lost patience
Waiting for my usual Volvo

I decided to take regular bus
On the same route for change
This was not populated with
Sleek IT crowd with backpacks

It was filled with wage earners
The ones who count their money
Earned with hard toil every day
Whom city's glitterati looks away

Suddenly I was so surrounded
With several unfamiliar smells
Unlike the perfumed AC bus air
I felt completely overwhelmed

The open windows brought in
Car fumes and stink of garbage
Smell of my co-passengers' sweat
Mixed with scent of rain on earth

I again felt connected with real
Of the city's struggle and grime
Which swank city malls can't hide
And expanding skyline can't wipe

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