Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Moon and the Cloud

There was a solitary cloud
Adrift in the vast open sky
Who was aloof and bit lost
Drifting on it glanced above

And saw the majestic Moon
Shimmering pure radiance
Cloud got enamoured and
Tried to embrace the Moon

The Moon smiled and said
"Try to hold me if you can"
The cloud tried hard to jump
But couldn't reach the Moon

Finally frustrated the cloud
Drifted far away from there
And tried to forget the Moon
Time passed and it moved on

The cloud slowly gathered
Vapour to expand volume
And one day it was ready
To burst down as rainfall

It fell on parched brown soil
And water gathered to a pool
Cloud was now transformed
To a sparkling clear reservoir

The night came with the Moon
"Look I'm all in your arms now"
Said the Moon as it was reflected
Upon the surface of the reservoir

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