Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Often dreams are
More truthful than
World of reality

How much can you
Say with limited
Range of words
Of our vocabulary

Reality is more a
Test of endurance
Come what may come
To have will to go on

That's what happens
When a whale surfaces
Close to the sea shore
The water just shallow

The whale which emerged 
From the depth of darkness
To bathe in nothing but light
Got stranded near the beach

But dolphins recognize
And help guide him back
To the deep dark waters
Else he'll soon be extinct

Back again in the depths
The mighty dark ocean
And whale become one
Echoing mellow songs

The waves carrying its
Melody crash on shore
The breeze picks it up
Passes on to the rain

And soon nothing remains
But becomes part of whole
The whale and its song
Blissfully lost in depths

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