Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Sanctuary


The bird had flown
Far from distant land
Where water froze
In the harsh winter

It had separated from
The rest of its flock early
For he was always lost
By taking abrupt turns

Finally the bird reached
The edge of the sanctuary
And decided to just pause
And rest upon the tall fence

After the rush of blood
Subsided, mind cleared
The bird took a glimpse
Perched at the high fence

It took the bird by shock
The two worlds he saw
Opposite sides of fence
The contradiction stark

One side was lush green
Trees and water reservoir
Other side for miles stretched
A human slum of slimy muck

One side with colorful flowers
And butterflies flirted around
Other side even childhood stolen
Everything traded for few notes

The bird could hear few friends
Upon branches of trees singing
Sharing joy under the blue sky
Other side only soot and smoke

The city made its blaring noises
Ugly car honks, factory machinery
Propaganda from loud speakers
Drilling and construction sounds

The people looking like zombies
Rushing to find any sustenance
In the bitter battle for few morsels
And promise of some sleep at night

But in the sanctuary guarded by walls
There was life unending night and day
All creatures were happily oblivious
Of the struggle and madness outside

The bird sat and thought for a while
Having seen the desolation outside
If he could really find any more bliss
In the protected life at the sanctuary

His innocence was no longer there
He had known too much to be smug
The bird then heaved a heavy sigh
And flew far away to find destiny

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