Thursday, 27 November 2014

Finding you

Many seasons have passed
Earth and sky changed hue
But my story remains same
Is it destiny or coincidence?

There comes a moment
I'm breaking in turmoil
Standing at the edge of
The cliff and slipping...

Moments from being
Wiped out for eternity
And then suddenly you
Arrive from nowhere

I know thy presence
As bees know nectar
And I pull myself up
From the jagged edge

But a strange flower
You are truly indeed
Fragrance and grace
But never to be found

By me I mean
Of course your
Countless lovers
Block your way

I realize this as soon 
As I dust off my rags
I'm not fit to meet you
Cliff too is off bounds

Anyone who crossed
The cliff edge knows
One can't edge it again
It is just way too lame

But your scent put me
Back on the track for
A higher cliff to jump
A winding road ahead

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