Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Open Endings

Its just a story isn't it?
Like usual Bollywood
Poor boy meets rich girl
Much melodrama ensues

But it's not totally true

The tiny grain of truth
Upon this haywire plot
Still pinches me now...

But in Bollywood always

The stranded lovers meet
My ending is somewhat
Realistic in some sense

It's often said that fact is 

Much stranger than fiction
So is reality more romantic
Compared to the best poems

So the tragic hero battles

His inner demons and past
Heroine is freed from him
And chooses independence

And so the story reaches

Its epic finale - the climax
A Bollywood plot turned 
Into an art house cinema

The audience feels letdown

Where's all the fireworks? 
And item music and dance?
It bombed at the box office

No one likes open endings

Will the hero kill his demons?
Will the heroine succeed alone?
Script writer refused to answer

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