Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Rizwan went home smiling
Stroking his greying beard
Today there were Indians
Guests at his Dubai office

Four peculiar species
Arrived in white cab
Paid costly Dirhams
Keeping chests wide

They impressed his bosses
All Indians do work hard
Coming from such country
Where millions just starve

They uttered many jargons
Showed colourful mock ups
Spoke crystal clear English
Yet in Hindi joked amongst

Rizwan offered them lift
After a hard day's work
They seemed tired indeed
And Indians like Pakistanis

But he wasn't so sure
He spotted some envy
When he showed them
His fancy car at the lot

But as the car started
Also the chitter chatter
He found them the same
Like family near Lahore

Saving their pennies
Planning to buy gold
Dreaming of houses
Talking of marriage

By the time he dropped
His sated Indian friends
He wondered why wars
Demarcate all territory

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