Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My last poem

I have been trying to write
My last poem for quite long
Something to finish it off all
All stifled emotions of mine

But each time there's been
Something remaining cold
And I wrote another poem
Another angle for the goal

Lets see if this poem can be
Really the last poem I write
Is there a point continuing
This battle for completion?

Funny all the things I have
Written about so far along
Past love which was a farce
Nature with windows closed

Behind all the surreal vibes
I could never hide the empty
No metaphor could change
Reality the way it really is

My poetry losing its point
Words needn't be wasted
Only with void is bit hope
My silence can sing more

So I challenge myself
You be my last poem
My one last romance
Guarded by the void 

My last poem
My last love
My last muse
My last song

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