Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Plant on hill

Dawn broke 
Upon the hill
It was foggy
Diffused light

Nothing seen
Beyond a foot
Even the grass
Down so hazy

Plant on the hill
Thought it was
A good time to
Look back life

Some bird carried
Recklessly a seed
Up the barren hill
Ground was moist

The sapling grew
Between the rocks
A few grass blades
Only for company

Ground was hard
But on hill there's
No goat or sheep
To eat it off early

View from top
On sunny days
Was spectacular
Time spent well

It grew up a tree
Youthful strong
But meditative
In its aloneness

But one day the
Naughty breeze
Carried up a kite
Torn from string

From the plains
Kite flew high
But now was
Lost confused

It landed upon
Tree's branches
Taking breather
From long flight

Tree overwhelmed
With a pretty guest
Held the kite gently
Shaded it from sun

The kite was made
With colored paper
Bit string and twigs
Fragile needed care

But its human owners
Tied it to sharp string
And threw it to wind
For their amusement

It flew but painfully
Tugged from leaving
Attached to deft hand
Like puppet on string

Then wild wind 
Broke the string
It flew far away
But sky desolate

The clouds abound
Beautiful, but only
A dream which did
Turn vapor touched

Days of drifting 
The kite landed
Upon the plant
Sitting upon hill

The lonely tree
Soon protective
Of kite trapped
In its branches

But kites are meant
To fly and travel far
Another wind gust
Kite plunged to sky

Tree shook leaves
With last goodbye
Accepted its life
Of contemplation

Now morning sky
Cleared with sun
The view from hill
Stretched like time

Far ahead plant
Now an old tree
Gazed from hill
But kite unseen

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