Monday, 23 February 2015

Across miles

I thought I'd write
To you a long letter
Across many miles
Separating us now

Its been ages since
We actually spoke
And had anything
Between to share

But what to write
I wonder at times
A set of mishaps
I'd just survived

Projects at office
Stuck and delayed
My place n myself
Now more unkempt

Couple disastrous
Blind dates upset
Bitterness of beer
Now suits my taste

Music jams & band
Just went nowhere
All my tax deadlines
Missed here n there

Went friend's place
For WC2015 match
Came back shortly
Groups I do detach

Back home dark room
I stared fan on ceiling
For two hours straight
Thinking life's meaning

But I found none
Thus my fighting
Was just pointless
And time's passing

Anyways I feel
It's much better
I never wrote
My long letter

But really did I?
Maybe you'll then
Glance once upon
My long mad poem

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