Thursday, 26 February 2015

Right and wrong

You were not wrong
Nor was I ever right
Between us passed
A few years alright

And you met others
Unlike my self exile
Your side socialized
As I drowned inside

Two years thus passed
In tales of pure contrast
Now sides have flipped
Thats really funny part

After years of flirting
A man is on your side
But you're now bound
Inside closed confines

Windows that now hide
Your secrets worldwide
In a live-in relationship
That you'll always deny

Meanwhile just broke my
Mental cage I was locked
I'm free, I'll be moving on
The past I'm not bothered

But I'm no longer the
Soft and sensitive guy
I'm ruthless and I hate
Up to fight for my side

Senseless romanticism
Is all too phony to me
While its all you'll be
To hold your stability

What was all right
What was so wrong
Actually nothing but
Flipped sides of coin

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