Thursday, 19 February 2015

Arms of time

The arms of a clock
Are ever so reliable
Round and round
Time circles perfect

But life is so unsteady
Sometimes long waits
Another time rushing
Yet ends never meet

I stare at you clock
Lost in my memories
But you move I stay
In world of nostalgia

Everything so blurred
Smudged rough edges
Its a comforting pillow
Upon a moment of rest

But arms of time move
As I become outdated
Another redundant bit
Taking too much space

Time you keep mocking
My unyielding slow pace
For what are we fighting?
Time, you and meek me

Time why do you prefer
The young and the fresh
Throw away old waste
Like me and all the else

Maybe after I'm dead
Time, you and I'll be
True friends in eternity
No more hurry to move

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