Saturday, 23 March 2013

A day to remember

Yes, It was a day to remember,
I hadn't expected it to be so...
Miracles do happen sometimes,
Treasure comes knocking your door!

I had become such a loner,
Warped in my distorted world...
But a wild gust of wind came and
My stifling shell was upturned!

There was something about you
That had stirred me within,
Made me shed my darkness...
See colours I had never seen!

We'd met only a few times before,
When time seemed to stop its flow...
Hours would pass like seconds,
Before you'd tell you had to go...

But this time it was different,
Although everything now felt so new...
To spend an entire day with you
Was really such a dream come true!

It was only supposed to be for work,
Recording soundtrack for your project.
But as long as you were next to me,
Nothing else really had much effect...

I had just moved into a new place,
A room in a shared apartment with friends,
Located in a quiet neighbourhood,
Meant we could finish recording in silence...

Two days earlier I got my list ready,
Things to move, stuff to buy.
Dusting, scrubbing and washing...
Time seemed to just fly!

Then finally the day arrived,
I was all nervous and sweaty,
But once you came and smiled...
I was completely at ease.

As you entered my world,
My room ushered with a glow!
You occupied my personal workspace,
Work and conversations all went in flow...

And I didn't even realize when...
Sunlight faded, the day was over!
It was getting dark outside
And you couldn't stay much longer...

But thankfully the work was done,
And the editing could be done later...
You were happy at our progress,
To celebrate I strummed my guitar...

Dinner at a favourite restaurant,
And so much more to talk...
We'd never run out of topics,
Be it friends, art, design or rock...

A walk till your nearest landmark,
Then you were gone...
I walked back my four miles,
With a smile that's yet to be undone!

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