Thursday, 28 March 2013

Swan song

With a half finished poem in my laptop, I decide to stop writing poems for now. And it's not a hasty decision... I had started writing inspired by someone, with the objective to vent out my repressed feelings over the years. And I think I just did that, with some repercussions that weren't so pleasant. And it was quite a vulnerable journey for me... Every poem unleashed a lot of emotional turmoil, which lasted for days after I finished writing each one. In fact I still haven't fully recovered from my last poem to say the least...

But then life goes on... And time waits for no one!

The image I placed with is post was the pivotal scene of my alleged first animation short film during my Design course in IDC. I couldn't really finish it to perfection... And this sketch remains to me as a symbol of all my unrequited dreams... Of home, family, love and belonging.

'Home is where your heart is', they say... So true! I think I lost my heart long ago... and am yet to find it again.

Anyways, so while my brief stint with poetry ends... I'll get back to finishing what I had always dreamt of - a trilogy of graphic novels! I had already made my first serious comicbook on Ruskin Bond's 'The Kite Maker'.

Now my plan is to take up a romantic short story by the genius writer Bonoful, before my Swan song - 'Chuti' by Rabindranath Tagore. Shall keep my blog updated with my progress as I go ahead with it!

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