Monday, 2 March 2015


I'm slightly emotionally exhausted... I'll take a break from writing for a while. Sharing one poem I wrote long back... But possibly my best poem till date. Here it goes...


And so Radha waited
Its been weeks since
He left the village

To the big city
To conquer heights
Win glory and pride

She wished to write
Letters, pleading him
To return at earliest

But she didn't know
Where he was staying
With whom he plotted

She lost her appetite
And her sleep worrying
For her beloved's well being

After a week of agony
She spent locked up home
News came from far

The demon in Mathura
Has been slayed heroically
Krishna was now a king

She rejoiced happily
Went to the river
Where they used to meet

But her reflection scared her
Unkempt hair and bloodshot eyes
So tonight she decided to sleep

But the dreams were scary
There was blood and battle
And Krishna a hero, not a man

Morning Radha woke
And decorated her home
Flowers she picked herself

And she waited for Krishna
To return... war and madness
Had taken its toll too far

Slowly in daze a month passed
All her letters were unanswered
Till one day she heard a rumour

That Krishna had happily
Married a princess and
Lived in a grand palace

She didn't believe a word
Screamed at her friends away
And she still waited and waited

Seasons came, seasons changed
But Radha remained longing
Till it became a legend

Krishna a God and she a devotee
Truth became a fantasy
And the fantasy... the Truth

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