Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Headless Mike

Its a true life horror story.... A rooster beheaded for meat actually survived without its head for 18 long months... The owner took pity and kept feeding it using a dropper! It finally died when it suffocated with a corn kernel which got stuck in its slit throat.

Mike became quite a celebrity because of his persistence to live! One would have expected that this would have lead more people to feel the cruelty and turn vegetarian. But the reverse happened! People celebrate a Mike festival gorging on the staple fried chicken!

This really shows how insensitive many humans are.... As a child I often had to accompany my Dad to the daily morning market in Kolkata. Its usually upon a footpath on the roadside - with many temporary stalls selling fresh fruits and veggies. The non-veg section used to totally gross me out! All the blood splattering... the helpless cries of chicks and fishes gasping for last breath! Oh the horror....

It made me want to be a vegetarian since childhood. But it was impossible at home, as being a vegetarian is like a disgrace to a typical Bengali family... And slowly I acquired the taste of flesh and became fish-loving bong!

When I finally left home to study at college, it was the first time I could freely try being a vegetarian. Initially I struggled a lot... had acute cravings. Tried to compensate for the taste with chips, chocolates and ice-creams. It lead to rapid weight gain sadly. And I cheated with eggs and meat often... specially when my friends kept teasing and tempting me with their guilt-free diets! I now realize that changing to vegetarianism is as tough as changing one's religion and support (not mocking that I received constantly) is crucial for success.

Anyways.... I m still trying to stick to a vegetarian diet and being in Bangalore now has been a blessing for that. The vegetarian options here are limitless, delicious and healthy!

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