Monday, 21 November 2011

the Royal feeling!

A month or so ago my company Kuliza took a few of us to an off-site trip. There were some products to be developed in a strict (rather impossible) deadline. We stayed at the Royal Orchid hotel - Metropole. It used to be the Maharaja's guest house long back. The food was breath-taking (everyone from the waiters, to guests, to colleagues were taken aback at my tremendous appetite - forgive me....but two years at a govt hostel and 4 months at a Andhra mess was my previous track record)! But the work pressure kept us indoors, (we went out only once in the entire week long trip) and my collegues kept saying we had actually entered the Big Boss house!

It was indeed royal treatment with lavish rooms and excellent service, but I kept feeling a bit out of place in my shabby drawstrings and loose t-shirts.... The hotel was beautiful and I longed to make a painting....

So one evening I completely ditched my responsibilities and painted the courtyard! The painting was very well received by my colleagues and seniors and well worth the effort (quite a few hours and mosquito bites)! Here's the final thing....

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