Sunday, 27 November 2011

Love Thy Neighbour

But its easier said than done.

Specially if you are living in a PG far from home where residents often encroach on each others personal space! Actually its very different from a college hostel where you live amongst friends. Here the only words I seem have with my neighbours is - "Has the mess food arrived?" or "The bathroom tap is leaking".

Its really hard to keep calm, when few PG-mates lacking basic etiquette keep clogging the basin by dumping leftovers. And when your immediate neighbour plays Pakistan TV channels in loud volume till 2am. Sometimes I wonder if he is a spy in disguise....

There is an acute sense of apathy when the landlord avoids fixing leaking taps to save money!

But everything is not as horrible as it might appear.... Our mess cook is a very pleasant gentleman who cooks with genuine care, and always smiles when he serves us! I have to communicate with him using expressions and signs since he neither speaks English or Hindi.

And there is a sense of belonging and security which makes up for all the negatives!

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