Saturday, 14 March 2015


I inherited a handy sailboat
From my generous parents
I was taught basics and left
To care for the boat myself

There was always the option
To keep back in my yard safe
It'd be unscratched and cared
But sailboats are meant to sail

So I packed my bags one day
Said hasty goodbyes and left
To the mighty blue sea ahead
Confident I'd navigate myself

The sailboat first glided through
The waters like a knife on butter
I had enough supplies for myself
Refilling at the ports on my way

I did see a bit of world travelled
The strange customs and foliage
But stuck to the seas that I sailed
Away from shore time stagnates

But slowly all the years added
Sailboat got weary very unlike
My earnest self that remained
Longing sea wind on my face

And thanks to my disregard
For maps I started reaching
Uncharted turbulent waters
Violent tides and hurricanes

After a particular wild spell
I had reached Equator close
And all of a sudden the wind
Stopped as I was up nowhere

At first it felt really so strange
Thought I was a veteran sailor
I could handle any wind there
Surviving without I'd not cared

But now there's absolutely no
Choice but to stand and wait
All the supplies to be rationed
Attend to my sailboat's repair

In a sailor's worst nightmare
Filling journal with thoughts
Few stray tales here and there
Until a wind pushes me again

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