Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Is not

What is love I wonder
What it's not I do know
It's not any attachment
Neither is it base desire

It is not companionship
Ask a guy friend zoned
Isn't about filling needs
Ask anyone who's used

Isn't about being warm
Anyone can fake smiles
Nor is it incessant quarrel
Who'd stand anyone rude

It's not going out on dates
You've so many to choose
Of course it's not marriage
There'd not be such abuse

Love is not writing poetry
Else poets won't be losers
It's not the mushy movies
Look at actors' real lives

Believing in love is like
Believing in God actually
There's little proof for it
One must find it to feel

Majority of us who don't
It's better to be an atheist
Than follow silly dreams
Reality will so soon bust

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