Thursday, 5 March 2015

Leaf and stone

Leaf torn from tree
By the fierce wind
Now floated in air

On the wind's arms
It danced upon free
Spiraling to its end

Finally it was free
From fate's tyranny
Being stuck always

The tree's nurturing
Now a sad memory
But life never waits

It fell upon a stream
Drifted further away
Till submerged down

Resting on a crevice
Of a rock very old
Which held it tight

'Let me go', leaf said
'Before I disintegrate
With flowing water'

The rock said, 'this is
The way I am, I don't
Move, I hold steady'

The leaf by then
Faded into water
Rock stood still

After billion years
Rock melt to lava
Fluid in magma

It kept circling earth
With magnetic waves
Searching for the leaf

Trillion years later
Sun burst supernova
All turned space dust

Tiny particles of the
Leaf and stone united
And danced eternally

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