Friday, 20 March 2015

Is it enough?

When we met six years ago
I'd fallen for you at first sight
We became closest friends, but
It never went anywhere beyond

And there were many reasons
For you to not accept me then
I was poor, I was out of shape
I was younger, totally an alien

But you were always with me
Protecting, supporting through
Struggles life generously gave
And I always kept wondering

Wasn't just love enough?
Why were so many things
Important for relationship
To pass the feasibility test

Since then six years passed
We graduated from college
I got a job in a different city
You went abroad for change

And yesterday we spoke again
After many years and people
That passed over between us
And finally I got my answer

Not that you said it, but in a way
I did listen that yes love is enough
Even a relationship is not needed
To live life, no matter what happens

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