Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blue sea

Blue sea with your pale waves
Dancing along the golden sand
I sat near you for a brief pause
As life made me feel too weary

And then a conversation started
I asked you sea how you remain
Ever so blue, quiet and constant
Even if world constantly changes

How is it that you remain same
While the desert gets spectacled
By the towers of light and colour
Don't you envy the ephemeral?

The ocean remained quiet
I felt impatient for answer
My mind running my own
Pent up feelings and wants

Then for once the wind lifted
The sand came up to my eyes
By the time I got up cleaned
About to go I glimpsed the sea

And the blue sea remained
As it's ever been eternally
But sand changed course
With every wind that blew

That's how its always been
With the mind and the soul
And envy too is ephemeral
Soul like sea is not bothered

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