Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Off the edge

He sat on the edge
Of a high rise roof
Another step ahead
And it'll be the end

A lot of deliberation
Brought him up here
Now close to end he
Wanted to contemplate

It wasn't much was it
A small nudge ahead
Few seconds free fall
Some seconds of pain

It would all end then
All humiliation faced
Lack of everyone's care
The vacuum ever there

Just a bit more and soon
So much peace and space
In a few days everyone
Will forget his existence

He took one deep breath
Yes I've made it he said
No one noticed me sneak
Up the stairs to the terrace

I have nothing more to lose
I have so little to ever gain
I make so little difference
It brings a smile to my face

And suddenly it dawned 
Upon him that actually
It really didn't so matter
Whether he lived or died

So I'd rather live a bit more
He got up, came downstairs
Walked back to his home
And fell asleep on his bed

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