Monday, 8 December 2014


I got too bent and tired
Decided to confront life
Full of frustration n fury
I finally asked life, 'Why?'

Life first tried to test
My failing patience
But my nerves snapped
I came up to fight my life

But it didn't take long to find 
I was boxing my own shadow
Exhausted, bruised I gave up
And my shadow took over me

People not used to darkness
Won't be able to understand
Once black ink drips on you
It dyes the soul purely dark

Sinking deeper and deeper down
I saw your shadow face to face
You had refused to say goodbye
And my shadow too got trapped

But morning light did come
Suddenly I awakened from it
Shivering from the memory
I looked up and asked, 'Why?'

Again life remained silent
Some mysteries are better
Unanswered, because they
Help you fight to find life

It's an open conversation
I'm still having with life
My questions answered
In utter complete silence

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