Monday, 29 December 2014

Decided to speak

Here's an old poem I wrote months back...
One of my personal favourites!

Decided to speak

There was a tree
Near an old street
Sat and meditated
For years and years

Until one fine day
A kindly God arrived
Gave a boon to him
Ask anything, you'll get

The God promised 
To come next day
And grant whatever
The tree wished for

Tree started thinking
What did it really need?
Sunshine, rain and earth
It always got plenty

Flowers, fruits and leaves
Always produced in season
Playful squirrels and birds
Rested happily on branches

All through the night
The tree pondered
What was worth having
Suitable gift from God?

At dawn the cuckoo called
And the tree knew at once
What he really wanted
Decided he wanted to speak

He had never spoken before
Even when screaming inside
The rabbit when killed by a dog
Delicate sapling when trampled

With the first rays of Sun
The God arrived again
And asked if tree was sure
The Gift can't be returned

'Yes I am', said the tree
The apparition disappeared
'Haah! I can speak now'
Growled the proud tree

A milkman was passing
Early morning with milk
'Good morning! Regards
To your sacred white cow!'

The milkman in utter shock
Looked up at the branches
"Hey! Its me", added the tree
"Bhoot! Bhoot!" away he ran

Rumour spread like wildfire
And the street got deserted
"These cowardly humans!
But I like solitude", tree said

Two white pigeons were
Snuggling in their nest
Tree said, "It's so hot here!"
In fright pigeons flew away

"Not really my friends"
Said the tree to himself
Very soon every squirrel
Disappeared with the nuts

Even the seasonal woodpecker
Decided to bore other trees
"At least I'm spared the pain"
But it was bitter sarcasm

So everyone left, tree alone
Only a quiet butterfly came
Sat quietly on its branches
Always left every evening

The tree in the cacophony of
Birds, squirrels and humans
Had never noticed it before
Butterfly now the only one

She sat on his green leaves
Hopped between branches
Sometimes she napped and
Flew to flowers for nectar

With her the tree never felt
Any urge to ever speak out
There was nothing to say
The moments were complete

And months passed in bliss
The tree didn't once speak
Autumn had now passed
Winter slowly made its way

Flowers all disappeared
The starving butterfly
Gave a hug to the tree
And decided to fly away

The tree wished to say
A final goodbye to her
But emotions choked him
Words remained unsaid

Many years passed since
In quiet contemplation
The tree's growls were
Soon forgotten by all

The birds and squirrels
Returned back with joy
Even the milkman went
Chanting - 'Ram, Ram'

But the butterfly never
Came back even once
Everything became normal
The tree never spoke again

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