Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I was finally able
To pack my bags
Reached station
Few hours early

The train is yet to
Come to platform
I barely managed
To find a seat here

Mumbai station is
Brimming crowd
The night before
I packed, cleaned 

Last I was leaving
Empty hostel room
Where I spend days
Gazing the window

Light of early dawn
Window lit the room
It'll be mine no more
Someone else to fill

You gave me a hasty
Goodbye, brought a
Charger I left at class
And a bronze elephant

Now at the station
Loudspeaker said
My train at platform
I tugged my rucksack

Was there anything
I was leaving behind
Only half of my heart
For you to keep safe

The whistle blows
The train moves
I take a last look
Adios my Mumbai

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