Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The wild flower - Part 1

They were not supposed to meet
A wild flower and a garden rose
But destiny thought it otherwise

Garden was close to wilderness
Among many other flowers grew
Red rose with many sharp thorns

She was fully aware of her grace
She was the queen of the garden
The hermit gave it the most care

The hermit lived in a wooden hut
With garden at the edge of forest
Made medicines with wild herbs

One spring after tremendous rainfall
Some new ferns and shrubs appeared
On the edge outside the garden fences

Freshly bathed and scented, the rose
First didn't even bother to outsiders
The vagabond plants were too lowly

Few days later upon the new plants
Came a sparkling white wild flower
Sun basking her petals, rose noticed

But of course the rose was too proud
To talk, she kept mum for quite long
The wild flower scanned the garden

Not used to formalities of the garden
He chatted with most garden flowers
Everyone felt that he was little crude

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