Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The wild flower - Part 4

Thus word spread across the garden
The rose will be part of royal bouquet
She'll reach the princess in her tower

The flowers all ushered to the rose
Will they tie on her golden ribbons?
And be draped in a royal silk scarf

Even the rose felt truly honored
She had reached the peak of life
Her beauty will be royal legend

She grew anxious in happiness
For dawn of Princess's birthday
But the wild flower was unhappy

'The rich royal scum have no right
To uproot you from your ground
Stay back I'll defend you always!'

But the rose knew her time had come
She'll be uprooted and soon be killed
But have her final moments of glory

'Farewell my dear friend I'll miss you
You were only one to see behind the
Lavishness, I'll soon come to my end'

'No!' said the wild flower, 'We'll all
Rebel and never let you be grabbed'
But all flowers minded own business

And the night before princess b'day
The wild flower saw he was helpless
His dear will be taken and he'll see it

Though tormented and fighting within
That dawn when he closed eyes a wink
When his eyes opened, rose was stolen

The garden flowers forgot next moment
But wild flower planned to take revenge
Till he realized everything in life is futile

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